Packing Tips

Packing Tips…
Keep the following supplies handy for packing:

  • Boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, newspaper and tissue
  • Tape and scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Use strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly
  • Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe and other special items
  • Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes
  • Label cables and tighten transit screws
  • If removing screws, tape them to the objects they are removed from

Packing Reminders

Avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box.
Label each box and indicate the following:

  • Which room it should go in
  • Whether it is fragile
  • If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first

Packing Supplies

  • Cushion contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue
  • Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items
  • Pack books tightly on end in small boxes
  • If musty smelling, sprinkle talcum powder between the pages and wrap the book before packing
  • Leave stored for a couple of months to eliminate the smell
  • Have rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in wrappings for the move
  • Pack medicines in a leak proof container
  • Carry all valuables with you